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$10-$25: 15 Contributors

$26-$50: 11 Contributors

$51-$100: 6 Contributors

COLLECTED AS OF 5/27/15: $985

GOAL: $2,200

Learning that San Antonio's own Texas tenor titan, Vernon "Spot" Barnett, has been out of action since his instruments were stolen several years ago, The Local 23 Music Performance Fund, with the generous help of Alamo Music Center and its GM, Zach Marr, has arranged for a new Yamaha tenor sax (YTSAD300) at cost, along with Spot's preferred Berg Larsen mouthpiece, an ergonomic Vandoren neck strap, and 4 boxes of Rico Jazz Select reeds. 

Known among fans and peers as gracious and unfailingly soulful, Mr. Barnett has nurtured musicians throughout and beyond his community.  It's time we made sure this font of funk, who never sought help with his predicament, does not remain silenced.  This is a very attainable goal--let's do ourselves proud and pitch in!


Gregory Gonzalez 
Andres Gamon 
Katchie Cartwright & Richard Oppenheim

Mandala Music Production
George Briscoe
James Parrish
Vines Harris
Joan Carroll

Joe Nick Patoski
Neal Walker

David Jellema

Stephen Schnipper

Kathleen Ludlow

Trudy Rafelson

Mark Hess

Rogelio Escobar

Mike Monroe

Angie Chaos-Peters

Roberto Bonazzi

Melanie Cordell

Lawrence Trub

MaryLou Russell

Linda Kaufman

Rachel Ridder

Peter Carey

George Menefee

George & Beverly Prado

Doug Walsdorf